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Protein Ontology Report - heteromeric SMAD protein complex

GO:0071144 -
Ontology Information
PRO ID GO:0071144 Show OBO stanza
PRO name heteromeric SMAD protein complex
Other: NARROW: SMAD1-SMAD4 protein complex
Definition A protein complex composed of SMAD family proteins, a transcription factor complex which binds to the promoters of target genes and recruits co-activators and histone acetyltransferases, facilitating transcription. Phosphorylation of the non-SMAD4 subunit(s) enables binding of SMAD4 to form heteromeric complexes that enter the nucleus to initiate gene transcription. DNA-binding specificity is conferred by other transcription factors binding to SMAD complexes. Interactions with coactivators or corepressors modulate their transcriptional activity. Can be heterotrimeric or heterodimeric. [GOC:bhm, GOC:mah, PMID:11779505, PMID:15350224, PMID:16322555, PMID:9389648, PMID:9670020]
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