id: PR:000031123
name: adhesion G protein-coupled receptor G3
def: "An adhesion G-protein coupled receptor that is a translation product of the human ADGRG3 gene or a 1:1 ortholog thereof." [PRO:DAN]
comment: Category=gene.
synonym: "ADGRG3" EXACT PRO-short-label [PRO:DNx]
synonym: "G-protein coupled receptor 97" EXACT []
synonym: "G-protein coupled receptor PGR26" EXACT []
synonym: "GPR97" RELATED Gene-based [PRO:DNx]
synonym: "PGR26" RELATED Gene-based []
xref: IUPHARobj:188
property_value: has_archetype PR:Q86Y34
is_a: PR:000001087 ! adhesion G-protein coupled receptor