id: PR:000059126
name: contactin-associated protein 1 N-glycosylated 6 (rat)
def: "A contactin-associated protein 1 (rat) that has been N-glycosylated at the residue equivalent to Asn-844 of the amino acid sequence represented by UniProtKB:P97846-1, in which the glycan composition is represented by GlyTouCan:G80920RR. Example: UniProtKB:P97846-1, Asn-844, MOD:00160~GNO:G80920RR." [PRO:DNx, PMID:24090084, GlyGen:P97846-1]
comment: Category=organism-modification. Requested by=GlyGen.
synonym: "rCNTNAP1/NGlyco:6" EXACT PRO-short-label [PRO:DNx]
synonym: "UniProtKB:P97846, Asn-844, MOD:00160~GNO:G80920RR" EXACT PRO-proteoform-std [PRO:DNx]
synonym: "UniProtKB:P97846-1, Asn-844, MOD:00160~GNO:G80920RR" NARROW PRO-proteoform-std [PRO:DNx]
is_a: PR:P97846 ! contactin-associated protein 1 (rat)
relationship: has_part GNO:G80920RR ! G80920RR
relationship: has_part MOD:00160 ! N4-glycosyl-L-asparagine
relationship: only_in_taxon NCBITaxon:10116 ! Rattus norvegicus