id: PR:Q63871
name: DNA-directed RNA polymerases I, II, and III subunit RPABC4 (mouse)
def: "A protein that is a translation product of the Polr2k gene in mouse." [PRO:auto, UniProtKB:Q63871]
comment: Category=organism-gene.
synonym: "mPolr2k" EXACT PRO-short-label [PRO:auto]
synonym: "RNA polymerases I, II, and III subunit ABC4 (mouse)" EXACT [UniProtKB:Q63871]
synonym: "DNA-directed RNA polymerase II subunit K (mouse)" EXACT [UniProtKB:Q63871]
synonym: "metallothionein-I gene transcription activator (mouse)" EXACT [UniProtKB:Q63871]
synonym: "RPB10alpha (mouse)" EXACT [UniProtKB:Q63871]
synonym: "Polr2k" RELATED Gene-based [UniProtKB:Q63871]
synonym: "Mt1a" RELATED Gene-based [UniProtKB:Q63871]
xref: UniProtKB:Q63871
intersection_of: PR:000000001 ! protein
intersection_of: only_in_taxon NCBITaxon:10090 ! Mus musculus
intersection_of: has_gene_template MGI:102725 ! Polr2k (mouse)