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NIH grant: 5R01GM080646-09

PRO now includes ~20000 proteoforms derived from IEDB

PRO provides an ontological representation of protein-related entities by explicitly defining them and showing the relationships between them. Each PRO term represents a distinct class of entities (including specific modified forms, orthologous isoforms, and protein complexes) ranging from the taxon-neutral to the taxon-specific (e.g. the entity representing all protein products of the human SMAD2 gene is described in PR:Q15796; one particular human SMAD2 protein form, phosphorylated on the last two serines of a conserved C-terminal SSxS motif is defined by PR:000025934). Current release: 69.0, February 12, 2024.
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PRO encompasses three sub-ontologies: proteins based on evolutionary relatedness (ProEvo); protein forms produced from a given gene locus (ProForm); and protein-containing complexes (ProComp).
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