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Rapid Annotation interfaCE for PRotein Ontology (?)
Sun Jul 21 10:20:20 2024 
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Note: Your e-mail address and other personal information are for internal use only and will not be shared with third parties.           

Use this page to:
   -Add functional annotation to an existing PRO term.
       Use PRO ID, e.g. PR:000000563
   -Define a protein object for a PRO term, and add annotation (if available).
       Use UniProtKB-related identifiers, e.g. Q15796; Q15796-2; VAR_011378
       or Paste a sequence in single-letter code, e.g. MSATTW
   -Retrieve saved or submitted work.
       Use REFID, e.g. REF12345

Enter a UniProtKB identifier, a reference number or a PRO id: 
(Examples: Q15796, Q15796-2, VAR_011378, REF12345, PR:000000563)
or, insert sequence below    (single-letter amino acid code):