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Protein Ontology Report - IgA immunoglobulin complex

GO:0071745 -
Ontology Information
PRO ID GO:0071745 Show OBO stanza
PRO name IgA immunoglobulin complex
Other: NARROW: IgA1 antibody
Definition A protein complex composed of two identical immunoglobulin heavy chains of the IgA isotype and two identical immunoglobulin light chains, held together by disulfide bonds, and sometimes complexed with J chain or J chain and secretory component. An IgA immunoglobulin complex may be embedded in the plasma membrane or present in the extracellular space, in mucosal areas or other tissues, or circulating in the blood or lymph. [GOC:add, ISBN:0781765196, PMID:16362985]
Comment Note that an IgA immunoglobulin complex has the function of antigen binding if a suitable antigen is available.
PRO Category
Parent GO:0032991 protein-containing complex
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