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Protein Ontology report - smad2 isoform Long phosphorylated 1 (human)
PR:000025934 -
    Complex  Annotations      
Ontology Information Show OBO stanza / PAF / GPI
  PRO namesmad2 isoform Long phosphorylated 1 (human) 
PRO-Short-label: EXACT:hSMAD2/iso:Long/Phos:1
PRO-proteoform-std: EXACT:UniProtKB:Q15796-1, Ser-465/Ser-467, MOD:00046
  Definition"A smad2 isoform Long phosphorylated 1 in human. This form is phosphorylated in the two last Ser of the C-terminal SSxS motif. UniProtKB:Q15796-1, Ser-465/Ser-467, MOD:00046." [PMID:8980228, PMID:9346966
  CommentKinase=("TGFBR1"; PR:000025963; Ser-465/Ser-467). 
  PRO Categoryorganism-modification 
  ParentPR:000000650 smad2 isoform Long phosphorylated 1
PR:Q15796 mothers against decapentaplegic homolog 2 (human)
  TaxonNCBITaxon:9606 Homo sapiens
  Term Hierarchy
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hSMAD2/iso:Long/Phos:1 forms found in complexes   

hSMAD2/iso:Long/Phos:1 Component
PR:000025934 hSMAD2/iso:Long/Phos:1 PR:000025933 smad2-smad4 protein complex 1 (human)
PR:000025951 smad2-smad4-ski protein complex 1 (human)
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Functional Annotation (PRO-centric view) Switch to GO Centric View   
PRO Term GO Annotation Evidence
PR:000025934 hSMAD2/iso:Long/Phos:1
UniProtKB:Q15796-1, Ser-465/Ser-467, MOD:00046
acts_upstream_of_or_withinGO:0006355 regulation of DNA-templated transcription PMID:15690394; PMID:9689110
GO:0007165 signal transduction PMID:8752209; PMID:8980228; PMID:9346966
GO:0007179 transforming growth factor beta receptor signaling pathway PMID:8752209; PMID:8980228
GO:0060395 SMAD protein signal transduction PMID:9346966
enablesGO:0000981 DNA-binding transcription factor activity, RNA polymerase II-specific PMID:8980228; PMID:9346966
GO:0003713 transcription coactivator activity PMID:9689110
GO:0046332 SMAD binding PMID:9311995
located_inGO:0005634 nucleus PMID:9006934; PMID:9346966