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Protein Ontology report - lymphocyte antigen 96, signal peptide removed form (human)
PR:000048277 -
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Ontology Information Show OBO stanza / GPI
  PRO namelymphocyte antigen 96, signal peptide removed form (human) 
PRO-Short-label: EXACT:hLY96/SigPep-
PRO-proteoform-std: EXACT:UniProtKB:Q9Y6Y9, 19-160
Other: EXACT:PRO_0000018619
  Definition"A lymphocyte antigen 96 (human) that has had the signal peptide removed. UniProtKB:Q9Y6Y9, 19-160." [PRO:DNx, Reactome:R-HSA-2201307
  PRO Categoryorganism-modification 
  ParentPR:Q9Y6Y9 lymphocyte antigen 96 (human)
  TaxonNCBITaxon:9606 Homo sapiens
  Terms by PRO Category
Organism-Independent Organism-Specific
         Category          Number of Terms          Category          Number of Terms
         Modification0                                                  Organism-Modification 2                                        
  Term Hierarchy
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PRO Form Name

Short Name

Ann. Has Annotation?

Comp. In Complex?

PR:000048277 lymphocyte antigen 96, signal peptide removed form (human)



PR:000025786 lymphocyte antigen 96 isoform 1, signal peptide removed N-glycosylated 1 (human)



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hLY96/SigPep- forms found in complexes   

hLY96/SigPep- Component
PR:000025786 hLY96/iso:1/SigPep-/NGlyco:1 PR:000025773 lipopolysaccharide receptor complex 3 (human)
PR:000027183 IRAK4:MYD88:TIRAP:activated TLR4 complex (human)
PR:000027192 pIRAK4:MYD88:TIRAP:activated TLR4 complex (human)
PR:000027208 ticam1:ticam2:activated TLR4 complex (human)
PR:000027218 pTIRAP:PIP2:activated TLR4 complex (human)
PR:000027495 pIRAK1:pIRAK4:MYD88:TIRAP:activated TLR4 (human)
PR:000028678 ticam2:activated TLR4 complex (human)
PR:000028680 traf6:ticam1:ticam2:activated TLR4 complex (human)
PR:000035715 pUbtraf6:ticam1:ticam2:activated TLR4 complex (human)
PR:000035734 free K63-linked pUb:TAK1complex:pUbtraf6:ticam1:ticam2:activated TLR4 complex (human)
PR:000035738 free K63-linked pUb:activated TAK1 complex:pUbtraf6:ticam1:ticam2:activated TLR4 complex (human)
PR:000036004 LY96:TLR4 complex (human)
PR:000036022 traf3:ticam1:ticam2:activated TLR4 complex (human)
PR:000036024 rip1:ticam1:ticam2:activated TLR4 complex (human)
PR:000036027 sarm:ticam1:ticam2:activated TLR4 complex (human)
PR:000036030 IRF3:p-tbk1:K63-poly-Ub-TRAF3:ticam1:ticam2:activated TLR4 complex (human)
PR:000036034 IRF7:p-tbk1:K63-poly-Ub-TRAF3:ticam1:ticam2:activated TLR4 complex (human)
PR:000036036 IRF3:p-IKKE:K63-poly-Ub-TRAF3:ticam1:ticam2:activated TLR4 complex (human)
PR:000036038 IRF7:p-IKKE:K63-poly-Ub-TRAF3:ticam1:ticam2:activated TLR4 complex (human)
PR:000036041 K63-poly-Ub-TRAF3:ticam1:ticam2:activated TLR4 complex (human)
PR:000036049 K63-pUb-rip1:ticam1:ticam2:activated TLR4 complex (human)
PR:000036053 IKK complex:K63-pUb-rip1:ticam1:ticam2:activated TLR4 complex (human)
PR:000036056 rip3:ticam1:ticam2:activated TLR4 complex (human)
PR:000036058 rip1:rip3:ticam1:ticam2:activated TLR4 complex (human)
PR:000036060 pro-caspase-8:fadd:rip1:ticam1:ticam2:activated TLR4 complex (human)
PR:000036123 p-tbk1:K63-poly-Ub-TRAF3:ticam1:ticam2:activated TLR4 complex complex (human)
PR:000036124 p-IKKE:K63-poly-Ub-TRAF3:ticam1:ticam2:activated TLR4 complex complex (human)
PR:000036135 TIRAP:PIP2:activated TLR4 complex (human)
PR:000037446 MYD88:TIRAP:PIP2:BTK:activated TLR4 complex (human)
PR:000037447 TIRAP:PIP2:BTK:activated TLR4 complex (human)
PR:000037448 pTIRAP:PIP2:BTK:activated TLR4 complex (human)
PR:000037479 lipopolysaccharide receptor complex 4 (human)
PR:000044684 activated TLR4 complex (human)
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Functional Annotation (PRO-centric view) Switch to GO Centric View   
PRO Term GO Annotation Evidence
PR:000025786 hLY96/iso:1/SigPep-/NGlyco:1
UniProtKB:Q9Y6Y9-1, 19-160, Asn-26/Asn-114, MOD:00160
enablesGO:0001530 lipopolysaccharide binding PMID:17569869
GO:1990458 lipooligosaccharide binding PMID:19783674
located_inGO:0005615 extracellular space PMID:19783674
GO:0005615 extracellular space PMID:19783674
GO:0005886 plasma membrane Reactome:REACT_7660